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Whatsup world,

My name is Ian McFarland and I’m a guitarist, songwriter, producer, and business fellah who decided to start a music blog that features a variety of music that I enjoy.  It’s Not Records at first was meant to be exclusively a record label that me and some buddies of mine from college would use as an outlet to release music we thought was worthwhile.  I was reading the book Content Inc. to my girlfriend in August 2018 and thought “wow what a freaking smart guy Joe Pulizzi is” and decided to start up a blog as well.

I thought having a blog and record label would free me up to consistently be releasing content while also allowing me to better find artists I wanted to work with because it’d give them an opportunity to discover me as well.  It’ll also give me a place to be a goof and give my unasked for opinions on things such as the new Fratellis release is what I hoped the new Arctic Monkeys release would sound like.

I’m interested in covering all the music so if you feel like sending me your tunes to write about go for it whether it be; hip hop, EDM, indie rock, singer-songwriter, pop, Rnb, avante-garde jazz, atonal music, swing, jazz, electronic, trance, trap, hard rock, pop-punk, or any deep in the depths sub-genre of music.  Disclaimer if you don’t think I’m going to correctly grasp the genre you might as well give me a heads up what you think you’re niche is.  I’m starting to work with an artist that describes their niche as “American Daydream” music and I’m not sure I would’ve pulled that out.

Some exciting projects are on the way from It’s Not Records and I work two jobs, gig, and produce artists so if I don’t immediately hit you back don’t take it personal.  Feel free to reach out through ian@itsnotrecords.com

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