I’m feeling Tribe Musics new song “Pharmacy”

Midwestern rappers Tribe Music have a Saturday morning throwback cartoons vibe performed over a chillhop beat that provokes nostalgia and coffeeshop imagery.

Rapper Echo performs a poetic soliloquy expressing a disassociation with his current living situation.  He then talks about a common hip-hop theme bragging about having plenty of green (weed, money).  However Echo follows this quip with a longing to experience love, this line for me adds a new level of personality to the track and creates a sense of relationship between listener and performer.

“Pharmacy”  then goes on to talk about a renaissance or cultural rebirth taking place in Chicago.  Following that train of though Echo reminisces about working with his friends on music and beats from his childhood hoping they’d all be with him through his artistic journey.  Though slightly ambiguous connecting childhood nostalgia with a Chicago renaissance could lend itself to the socio-political issues of gun violence in the United States.  This is followed by a quick finger shake to pharmaceutical companies on taking advantage of medicating people to ease the strains of life.

I’m looking forward to the next soundcloud post from Tribe Music out of Wisconsin.


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