Trailer Placement of the Month “Green Book”

Trailer Placement of the Month: Peter Farrelly’s Green Book and Sam Smith’s “Pray”

This month saw the release of the official trailer for Peter Farrelly’s Green Book- the real-life story of an Italian bouncer who was hired to escort a Jamaican-American musician on a tour through the Deep South in the 1960s. The film takes its name from a yearly mid-1900s publication known as The Negro Motorist’s Green Book- a guide allowing black Americans to safely traverse the U.S. at a time when Jim Crowe laws varied across state lines. Not only is this an odd-couple-roadtrip comedy- it’s an historical story of discrimination, inequality, and bringing about change with music, kindness, and respect.

Now for the music! The first act of TRANSIT’s trailer features an upbeat handclap beat supporting a spry, playful jazz piano as we’re introduced to this oil and water duo. However, the third act is where this trailer musically and emotionally shines with Sam Smith’s “Pray.” Smith wrote the song upon returning home from a humanitarian trip to Iraq, where the singer/songwriter had his eyes opened firsthand to the turmoil and suffering of our modern age and became compelled to sing out on its behalf. The soulful R&B/Gospel track pairs perfectly with Green Book’s underlying message of strife and struggle for a better tomorrow: its Timbaland-inspired beat allows for creative editing cuts, while enhanced choir hits accentuate strikes to the face and moments of emotional strife alike.

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Green Book is in theaters on November 21, 2018

– Matt Slifka

Greenbook Trailer

“Pray” – Sam Smith

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