Overseas Love Crisis – debut full length

Overseas Love Crisis (or OLC for short) is a 4-piece band based out of Fort Wayne, IN. Their mostly pop-punk repertoire is balanced by a wide variety of influences including hip-hop, alt rock, funk, and ska. OLC brings high energy performances every time and has opened for noteable acts such as CKY, The Dead Daisies, and Spence.

Their debut full length Wanna Be released July 2018 hits the 10 track benchmark and the opening number “Still Okay” has a quick melodic line reminiscent of “Lean On Sheena” by the Bouncing Souls or “Party Song” by Blink-182.  “Still Okay” is a party song which flows into another song that I’m sure a number of young adults who are adjusting to the ‘real world’ can relate to called “Drunk On A Monday”.  “My Eyes” is the third track from the record and reminds me of 90’s pop rock mixed with more modern influence for the vocals drawing from acts like Twenty One Pilots.  “My Eyes” is a pump up song that draws from a number of my favorite influences and probably is pretty epic live.  “Rescue Me” is a straightforward headbanger, this song would be a well placed sync for an extreme sports video.  “Tonight” is a headbanger but coming from a more heartbroken emotional place, the singer reminds me somewhat of tri-state emo band Autopilot Off.  “Push My Luck” has a slap back effect on the voice that distracts me from the lyrical content of the song.  Either way “Push My Luck” has a phenomenal organ outro that leads back into a heartfelt chorus where the vocalist Chase Keen reminisces on his own luck in an alt rock introspective way that will keep the listener engaged through the entirety of the song.  “Always Falling Down” would also be well placed in an extreme sports video, reminiscent of bands like Seconds To Stand from Boston area.  The title track “Wanna Be” I thought would be a disrespect to posers but it turns out it is a heartfelt song about not wanting to lose a girl or control of the subjects life.  “Wanna Be” is an emo-pop-punk anthem that has lyrics that could be shared on tumblr, pinterest, or be tattooed right onto the skin.  “Journal 1” reminds me of La Dispute, this band would do well on a label like Victory, Hopeless, Tooth and Nail, Topshelf, or any number of emo labels.  Closing out listening to the record now.  “Every Breath” starts off with a pretty epic drum fill from Ben Schnitz.  A pump up song about the healing process fitting for the subject matter of the rest of the record which flows nicely.

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