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Today I wanted to make a post that I think a lot of my fellow independent musicians including myself struggle with.  If you have any feedback please leave a comment below.

Dos and donts / A gambling addiction versus a calculated risk

It’s going to cost some money to get a business up and off the ground which is what your career is.  Circa from Indepreneur put it best in his creative juice podcast when he compared started a music career and start a pizza parlor.  Most pizza parlor entrepreneurs seem to have a more concrete understanding that to open their brick + mortar they’re going to need a chunk of money to; obtain the establishment, front kitchen supply costs, getting the word out about their new business probably hanging some fliers on doorknobs w.e.

There was also the recent story of Craig Hitchborn creating bands like the Hunna by purely social media advertising, but to accomplish this he had to max out three credit cards with a pretty large gamble.

There are ways to gamble away your money with possible major returns on investment such as companies that cost money to be submitted to and facilitate you to third party influencers with the possibility that getting your music on one of these; blogs, playlists, etc. will get your music in front of more consumers.

There are also DIY ways such as running Facebook ad campaigns, doing live streams, and other social media that will lead you to understanding your data and pinpointing your fans by geographic, demographic, and interest region.

Though I haven’t experienced other industries the music industry seems a particularly peculiar mix of; luck, trial and error, and necessary ability to keep up with trends both in songwriting and consumer technology.  A basic understanding of marketing such as KPIs and the importance of a content calendar.

Here’s an idea I will try running soon;

Content quantity; 1 to 2 singles a month

Promotional tools; Crosshair campaigns, Facebook video view campaigns, SubmitHub campaigns, Captivate/Cleaner for Instagram, SongTradr submissions, song libraries that hopefully pitch your music.


Anyways, subscribe on wordpress and leave comments with your opinions.

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