Sleeping in to “Projection Replicator” by Bedroom Ceilings

I took a listen to “Projection Replicator” by Bedroom Ceilings out of Grand Rapids, MI.  The first song is a washed out piece of art that accurately depicts waking up on a Sunday which flows perfectly into the second track which catches me like a walk in an overheated city park in Los Angeles where you are by yourself and you woke up so late the sun is already starting to go down.

The second half of the EP veers artistically into an acoustic guitar singer-songwriter instrumentation.  A personal favorite off the EP is “Land of Sun” which starts with atmospheric synthesizers and transitions into a chords progression full of tensions such as flat 7s and sharp 4s giving Bedroom Ceilings release a mature and dark sound.

My only request is for Dean Chittenden to post lyrics on the bandcamp page.

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