Stains of a Sunflower “Two Moons” gives chills

Stains of a Sunflower “Two Moons” is one of the most epic rock tracks from the summer of 2018.  Stains of a Sunflower is Natalie Renee a San Francisco -> Boston transplant where she met the rest of her band who were also transplants.  The band has played together a while and I was lucky enough to see them at an early release show in Cambridge where they performed in the window of the famed Middle East nightclub.  Before releasing “Two Moons” the band released a self titled EP which took me forever to finish listening to despite it being only four songs long I found myself continuously hitting repeat on “Starlight” before I was able to move on.

I can only hope they’ll find their way to Los Angeles, NYC, or Nashville.  They’d be a perfect fit in both Sunset Strip rock clubs such as the Whiskey all the way a couple miles to the walk of fame where they would be sure to entertain at other esteemed events such as It’s A School Night or an evening at The Hotel Cafe.  Go listen to this act because you might have found your new favorite band.

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