“Shift” by Fidelity Project

“Shift” by Fidelity Project is a sooth composition by southern Californians own Brian Hall.  The song “Shift” comes off the 5 song debut from summer 2018.  The composition blends influences such as classic rock mixed with modern indie rock sensibility.  “Shift” is a gorgeous relaxing composition mixed with an existential vantage-point that soothes the senses into an atmospheric daydream.  If I were to compare “Shift” to a song already in existence it would either be Pink Floyds “Comfortably Numb” or “Wish You Were Here” but it seems unfair to give so given the creative direction of the vocals and the static sound of a pedal tone motif after each melodic phrase.

It’s hard to get excited about music that is so chill but if you were to do so it would be for Fidelity Projects “Shift”


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