Love, Abbey “Slow Love”

What this song means to me.  First the narrator sets the scene of the singer of the song being in love with someone who already has a significant other.  Love, Abbey does the right thing not rushing the person she is in love with and allowing things to happen naturally.  Not out to steal a boyfriend/girlfriend and taking your time to let the love grow slowly.  I’ve seen it happen before where someone waits patiently for however long they feel is right for the person they’re in love with to figure themselves out and move to them.  Relate-able lyrical content mixed with positive and uplifting chords helps this song stand out for me as something to boost your day.

“Abbey is the 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist mind behind the Miami-born project, Love, Abbey. At the young age of 3, Abbey began her career as a voice-over artist, her voice now in over sixty dolls in toy stores all over the world. At 15, she joined an all girl rock band as the guitarist, keyboardist, and background singer. She soon realized she had a bigger vision. She then began the journey into Love, Abbey, focusing all of her energy on finding her own unique sound. Her first short five-song EP, Lost at Sea, contained everything from indie pop and alternative, to folk and orchestral ballads. In the upcoming releases, Love, Abbey continues to embrace and amplify this concept, including music for a variety of people and catering to music fans who listen to every genre. “

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