Recognizer – The Lighthouse

Dad rockers Recognizer go to a video game and school some millenial or gen zs or whatever they are now by being the original arcade nerds.  They’re also groovy as all get out with thrashing drums and syncopated distorted guitars.  On top of the funky rhythms are virtuoso guitar riffs and heavy vocals.  The video is fun and it is great to see a band not taking themselves too seriously by allowing themselves to get beat up by a girl at the apex of the video. Recognizer is cool and is comparable to super group the Damned Things, who I really wish would start making music again.  Tastefully put together rock and roll, humor, and vintage film are why you should check “Lighthouse” out

“Little Rock based Recognizer began as a project between reunited Underclaire alums Mike Mullins (guitar, vocals) and Steve Cook (percussion). At the time Mullins was deep into his work with local metal heavyweights Mothwind, but the two slowly began to craft a collection of songs. The group expanded upon a base of progressive riffs and heavy drumming with a flourish of ambient electronics and driving countermelodies courtesy of long time friend Michael Mullens (bass). The trio polished the material live while making plans to record. After auditioning a plethora of guitarists and keyboardists, local conspiracy theorist/noisemaker J. Catiline joined the band.

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