Smooth and sensual Zolas song “Blue”

Smooth and sensual Zolas song “Blue” has an atmospheric and minimalist arrangement which supports a bluesy pop vocal take by Zola.  Written about her experience in college Zolas “Blue” eventually turns from soothing and sensual to epic, lively, and spiritual at about the three minute mark with heavy drums and a church organ accompaniment.  Zolas “Blue” ends with something a little extra experimental and its definitely worth listening to for the twists and turns.

“Raised in San Francisco, Zola Johnson – aka ZOLA – has always dabbled in the arts. She picked up guitar at the age of 6 and maintained a budding dance career through her grade school years. A creative child with a wild imagination, she spent a lot of time writing stories, and her favorite topic to write about was her stuffed animals. She assigned her stuffed animals anthropomorphic personalities and gave them intricate relationships and character development. As she grew older her writing naturally became more mature, but her whimsical imagination can still be heard throughout her lyrics today.”

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