The Hamilton Sessions inspires wonder.

Road of Trees is a group who’ve been performing together since they were 15 years old.  In their 30’s now and after years of exchanging home recording demos they’ve put out the Hamilton Sessions which were mastered by Brian Lucey (As You Were).  With a name The Hamilton Sessions it inspires the question of who is Hamilton?  I could see a movie with the same title happening and featuring this music, if that isn’t too on the nose.

My personal favorite from the release is the song “Again Now”. The way the melody gels with the harmony.  A light acoustic guitar leads you into the song as an organ fills the upper register which gives the song a spiritual sound, creating religious undertones.  This is the kind of song that you put on driving cross country through upstate New York where the landscape is lush and you’re passenger is slowly falling asleep and you need music that is both relaxing and engaging.  Nostalgic tones pulling from influences such as Oasis, this washed out production by Road Of Trees is sure to be a favorite for a listeners who likes a wall of guitar and songs about romance and wonder.


From the debut single, “The Hamilton Session.” Available at Mastered by Brian Lucey.

Edit*** Hamilton is the name of the town the songs were recorded in!

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