Villagers take you to the seaside with “Again”

Domino Records artist the Villagers puts out a nice artistic visually pleasing lyric video for their song “Again”.  Conor O’Brien has been writing music for years now and this is a slight departure from his original works which consisted mostly of live instruments and low post production value.  “Again” is a departure in both instrumentation and format.  A voice crushed by bit depth and lowered by pitch repeats the word “again” in an ominous tone.  The song in general carries an ethereal atmosphere that builds throughout the entire song, like a wave that takes four minutes and twenty nine seconds to crash you can hear the sounds of the ocean in the background as pad synthesizers bubble.

The visuals distort as the song becomes darker and just when you think there is no return to tranquility it’s over and you’re on the coast while a profound E arpeggio bubbles mildly.

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