“Where There’s Smoke” is lit, out today

“Where There’s Smoke” is lit.  Through a beat that brings nostalgia out of a listener and is comparable to songs like “Sail”.  “Where There’s Smoke” is a stand alone track that tells a tale of love and deceit and the suffering that goes along with falling in and out of love.  Taking from a grab bag influences there is a mix of alternative rock, country, and trap music that helps “Where There’s Smoke” be digestible to a larger audience.  The song catches you from the start with the opening line “got me feeling like the psycho villain” instantly bringing out a sense of intrigue.  A memorable hook, relate-able lyrical content, and epic instrumental similar to acts like Awolnation and Imagine Dragons this song is worth checking out.

“Wander claps back with her new single, “Where There’s Smoke,” a caution about a love that makes you feel crazy. When something feels wrong, it is usually because it is wrong. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, where there’s love there’s a liar” she belts, confessing love’s ugly truths. A heavy bass-line, trap elements, and Wander’s matter-of-fact lyrics add to her powerful story and make for a track you can’t and won’t want to get out of your head. ”



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