Karis Owen “Alfa Mango”

This quick EP is a fun little hangout for indie rock listeners.  With aggression reminiscent of early Foo Fighters and skillful guitar licks.  I was surprised when the three part harmonies took place because generally speaking a lot of similar bands stick to the one vocalist and definitely don’t expand out and pan the vocals this way to stretch the mix.  This band also sounds a little like Dance Gavin Dance which is awesome.  The final two songs feature more harmonies and are written in key signatures that feature more than 3 sharps which I’m partial too.  My only critique is that sometimes the mixing could be a little tighter and polished, that said I’d still recommend checking out Karis Owen and following them through their future releases.  Some of the vocal performances are epic especially in “Alfa Mango” with the call and response vocals while the backing vocals talk about being lost and the lead vocals are straining to epic proportions.


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