“Confession” Soham De, a powerful voice

An emotional masterpiece, featuring a gritty and pained performance by Soham De.  A twenty year old from the U.K. who claims to still be trying to find their voice.  This song tells a heartfelt confession to another about how Soham De feels he doesn’t know who he is but how it isn’t right currently.  Soham De is pained by the “burn” of hearing another tell him how they don’t know.  Vivid imagery of a blustery fall day as fallen leaves blow in the wind.  Though the listener might be unsure of what the person Soham De is crooning to saw or what he shared I’m led to believe that one of the lovers committed some form of adultery.

1st Sept – Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht NL

2nd Sept – Patronaat, Haarlem NL

30th Sept – Papiersaal, Zurich CH

2nd Oct – Nieuwe Nor, Heelen NL

3rd Oct – Luxor Live, Arnhem NL

4th Oct – Reflector, Liege BE

5th Oct – Nochtspeicher, Hamburg GE

6th Oct – Metropol, Hengelo NL

7th Oct – De Oosterpoort, Groningen NL

9th Oct – Kesselhaus, Wiesbaden GE

10th Oct – Milla, Munich GE

11th Oct – Point Ephemere, Paris FR

12th Oct – Electric Ballroom, London

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