Daniel Baron “One More Goodbye” is a well thought out pop production

The lyrics are well thoughtful and the music video fits nicely, the lack of person Daniel Baron is singing too allows you to use your own imagination put yourself in his place for the duration of the song.  The tender voice and lonesome piano playing at the beginning gives the impression the goodbye has already happened.  When the strings hit enter before the chorus you can picture when and why the song is being written vividly, something that is sometimes lost among ambiguous songwriters in the independent musician community.  When the chorus enters and the range of Daniel Baron peaks you feel for the songwriter and his heartache.  I highly recommend you check out this tune, below I’ve attached more information about Daniel Baron.

“‘Three months ago, my heart broke,’ South African singer/songwriter and multi-chart topping producer Daniel Baron confides. He’s just released his newest video for ‘One More Goodbye’ — available now. ‘It’s been difficult ever since.’

It’s this grief-stricken context that sets the stage for who People Magazine calls “one of South Africa’s greatest pop stars”s most raw and unrestrained tracks to date.

Best known as the party starter with his rock-pop-dance anthems “Children Of The Sun” or “Sacrifice” — or getting the crowd amped, opening for Bon Jovi — “One More Goodbye” serves as a moving, intimate peek behind the curtain to Baron’s heartbreak as of late.

“At first I didn’t even plan on releasing this song,” Baron reveals, in news that could cause hand-to-heart shock to his some-50,000+ fans. “The topic is very personal to me, and it’s the most honest song I’ve ever written.

“‘One More Goodbye’ is the first song I wrote after I came out of a four year relationship with the girl I thought I was going to marry,” he continues. “Although my heart was broken, and I knew it was over, I guess I wanted to say goodbye just one more time.”

Having written and produced the song at his home studio in Johannesburg, South Africa, Baron knew the video should — no, needed — a treatment epic enough to do justice to the inner turmoil of the time.

“Once I had decided that yes, I wanted to release it, I came up with the crazy idea of traveling around the city performing the song on a grand piano,” he says, of the video’s visuals. Inside you’ll see Baron and a largest-of-them-all instrument strapped to an open-top trailer winding his hometown city’s streets. “The shoot took two solid days of nonstop filming and breaking our backs. I only had a team of four people, so getting the piano to these exotic locations… It was a lot!”

As for where he’s at now, Baron is currently touring with the song among others, and providing inspiration for anyone who can relate to heartbreak.

“I allowed my heart to bleed into my music and I recorded a bunch of songs,” Baron reflects, on what worked for him as he worked through the pain. “To anyone out there going through a heartbreak of their own, stay close to God, and you’ll be fine.”

‘One More Goodbye’ is available now.

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