Nvdes, you want to know more just from the name

I’ve been a fan of this act since I discovered them by SXSW in 2017 and it is great to hear that they are finally releasing a full length record and what is extra cool is it also doubles a real life comic book and visual story.  If you have never heard of Nvdes I’d highly recommend you check out their early works too, “8am” was the song that initially got me into them followed by “Turning Heads” and then eventually discovering other cool videos they did such as “I Give Up I Need Your Love”.  We here at Its Not Records are incredibly excited for their debut release having been fans for over a year of this up and comer.  You may recognize their style from sync placements such as Apples face pay which featured “Turning Heads” or in a car commercial, although I can’t remember the brand.  Anyways, if it isn’t apparent already, check out this freakin band they’re AWESOME!

“Mind Body Soul Music OUT NOW: https://nvdes.lnk.to/MBSM Pre-Order my debut album, Vibe City Utah: https://nvdes.lnk.to/vibecityutah Directed by NVDES and Audrey Vignoles Featuring Flockey Otscor Produced by Parker Day Styling by Orchid Satellite DP Grant Bell A/D Daniel Mutton Edited by Jing Niu”




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