The Pretty Flowers, “a Rubik’s Cube of Los Angeles indie staples”

Fun like Pavement and angsty pop-punk rock.  I’m partial to songs with three sharps and I started with the tune “My Alchemist”.  This song tells a story about a disenfranchised youth who is apathetic about their poor situation.  Based out of a suburb of Los Angeles it isn’t hard to grasp as to why this group would write a song about a feeling similar to this.  Apathetic poetry such as “clear as mud to me” and “nowhere to run from the radio” allows me to place my own emotions and experiences within “My Alchemist”.  This band is a little to indie for hardcore punks but a little too smash and grab for the barista crowd.  Regardless, I’d go mosh for this band if they were playing near me.

Keep making awesome music and I’ll hopefully see you around Los Angeles!

“On their debut LP, Why Trains Crash, The Pretty Flowers continue in the tradition of bands like Superchunk who blurred the lines between punk and indie rock. While the band is too “indie” for the studded belt crowd and a bit too gritty for the average indie rocker, they’ll be a welcome respite for those who have little use for the boxes genres can create.

A crunch ‘n punch snarl of guitar-frothed heaven as barbed and biting as it is moody and melancholic, Why Trains Crash bursts out of the gate with lead single “Cream of Canvas,” a song that sneers, smirks, and sighs its way through the entirety of The Pretty Flowers’ sonic palette. Featuring four minutes of razor-wire guitars winding through rollercoaster rhythms while candied harmonies rub shoulders and bump hips with lyricism by turns wistful and sardonic, “Cream of Canvas” is The Pretty Flowers condensed to their floor-stomping essence.

A union of current and former members of The Henry Clay People, The Breakups, Jungle Jungle and Shirley Rolls, The Pretty Flowers are a Rubik’s Cube of L.A. indie staples: Noah Green (guitar/ vocals), Sam Tiger (bass), Jake Gideon (guitar), Sean Johnson (drums). In Razorcake’s glowing review of Why Trains Crash, Razorcake wrote, “they’re a well-kept secret—a songwriter’s band. The kind of band that deserves heaps of respect for earnestly putting their hearts and souls into crafting a faultless debut LP.”




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