Alto Aria “I See You” new today

Experimental track “I See You” is hauntingly atmospheric with a minimalist instrumental approach that lasts until a vocals only performance is joined by a programmed percussion track.  The track starts with an interesting tremolo effect on the vocals and is all layered vocals, the lead vocal is pushed into reverb and the listener can look forward to another with filters.  This track takes artistic risks that can be admired by people looking for more authentic art in a sea of side chains and samples.


“Alto Aria is the new solo project of the Danish singer, songwriter and producer Maria Leth Schütze. With her debut EP release I Live In You, she takes the listener on a journey of personal change. She dives into the deep within, finds new voices and manifests her demons into songs.”

You can hear demons in “I See You” last night I watched the movie the Babadook on Netflix and this song would be great fit in a trailer for a movie of similar nature.  Haunting and innocent are the two words I’d use to describe “I See You”

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