Maple & Rye debut new single

With tones similar to acts such as Mumford and Sons or bands that shout “hey” mid song, this adorable A minor, C and F composition allows the heart to soar with the uplifting and energetic performance by a group of accomplished folk musicians.  The trumpet adds a slightly out of character voice to your standard quartet, and while they may not be the first indie folk band to play with these colors in their composition it definitely does not detract from the emotional value of the song.

“‘For Everything’

Out September 21th

2017 was the start for the critically acclaimed indieband, Maple & Rye. Their EP, ‘Nothing Poetic’, took Maple & Rye’s art to a whole new level. With great reviews and amazing support, from both fans and media, Maple & Rye are now ready to present their new single, ‘For Everything’, together with an amazing video.

Some of us are lucky enough to meet that person who makes everything in life seem beautiful. Who makes you see color all around, even though you’ve always felt as if you were “drawn in black and white”. Some of us are also stupid, clumsy, foolish enough to ruin that relationship. For Everything is a song expressing just that angst. Of realizing that what you had was perfect, a blessing, and that now you’ve gone and thrown it all away. Of lying there all alone with a sole wish – to be able to say sorry. Sorry for everything.

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