SYML “Clean Eyes” speaks to wanting to not have clouded eyes based on negative experience.

SYML “Clean Eyes” speaks to wanting to not have clouded eyes based on negative experience. This song is well written for a number of reasons, the pacing is good, the lyrical content is artistic and compelling, and most importantly the range of the melody moves upwards during the chorus.  Seattle based artist SYML has experienced some great success so far and I predict that “Clean Eyes” will not be any different then some of his most streamed tracks such as “Where’s My Love” which collectively has reached one hundred million streams.  With pulsing bass and uptempo drums this new track from SYML is uplifting and carries a good message.

“Seattle artist and producer SYML is excited to share his latest single, “Clean Eyes.” When asked about the track, Brian Fennell (SYML) said, “I wrote ‘Clean Eyes’ as an outlet to express my least favorite thing about myself, that I’m a cynic. I think that is one of the most ugly traits a person can have. Somehow, I found someone who loves me through my cynicism, and shows me the world through her beautiful and honest lens.” He added, “I’ve been writing and producing a lot of material this year as I work towards an album. This is really the first song we approached with more of a ‘band’ mentality. It was a fun challenge because of the contrast between the intimate lyrics and anthemic choruses.” The song follows his August releases of new music, an early version of “Girl,” and a darker, beat driven song “WDWGILY.” “Clean Eyes” is a sticky, anthemic track that showcases Fennell’s ability to write and produce an indie pop song while staying true to his emotive lyric style and heart wrenching vocal range. He is currently on a world tour.”

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