Renshaw Davies is cute yet slightly frightening

There is something special about a song that can grab a listener but still have a low dynamic range.  This sweet song is turned dark by an acoustic guitar hitting some jazzy tensions during the versus.  The music video falls into a very hip trend going around the music and artistic community of minimalism within the props and scenery while changing between different color washes.  This is a music video you could put on at a Boston basement house show on your college roommates excessively large flat screen TV between the four or five acts that typically play house parties.  This could also be played at the new indie labels TV screen hanging behind reception while guests of the label walk in and out.  I highly recommend checking out the Renshaw Davies, I really like what they’re about.

“John Renshaw and Emily Davies met at The Neutral Ground Coffeehouse in New Orleans, where they both regularly performed at the open mic nights. They founded Renshaw Davies as an acoustic duo and soon established themselves as one of the preeminent folk acts in the city. While recording with Bear America Records producer, Carson Thielen, however, they decided to turn in a new direction. Thielen helped Renshaw Davies achieve a more expansive sonic palette, as they incorporated synthesizers, drum machines, electric guitar and drums.

Today, Renshaw Davies weave songs together, John on guitar and Emily on synths, retaining their folk and DIY sensibilities beneath their synth-driven indie pop. They released their debut EP “The Heat” in 2017. An official music video for “If I Can’t Have You” is slated for release in June 2018. The duo has toured throughout the United States and Canada, and you can often catch them playing at favorite venues in New Orleans, such as Gasa Gasa and One Eyed Jacks”



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