Jon Reynolds & The Aches have done it again with their latest single “Tomorrow’s News”

Jon Reynolds & The Aches has done it again with their latest single “Tomorrow’s News”.  With introspective and wordsmith lyrical content, although slightly cynical about the future this song does preach some greater truths.  Rose colored glasses may currently be fogging the masses and hearing it in four part country harmony might be one of the best ways to get an anti-Trump message out.  A new Nashville sound that draws influence from acts like the Allman Brothers this is an act that is bursting with potential.  I’m really looking forward to hearing how they progress.

The artist shared their message with me and I’ve attached what they said below;

“After the November 2016 elections wrapped up, I felt a deep need and responsibility contribute what I could to what I can only describe as our generation’s cultural crisis. I think I felt the need to musically contribute more heavily than most due to my educational background in political science and public policy. On an even more personal level, I promised myself 4 years ago, when I first moved to Nashville, that I would make music I believed in: music that I was passionate about personally. There are few things more motivating than seeing a man who openly discussed sexual assault get elected president of the United States.

I knew the band could perform in three part harmony, so I thought it would be fun and interesting to write a cleaned up, pop version of south rock with a anti-Trump message. There is not a person alive or dead that would associate 70’s Southern Rock with progressive concepts, but I love subverting genre expectations. However, the goal is not singularly about doing something lyrically different with the genre. I want everyone to feel welcome in this song: even pro-Trumpers. I wake up feeling very anxious about the next nonsensical statement or action I’m going to read in my morning news- I put that feeling into this song. I don’t think it’s farfetched to believe that deep down, every American (and even non-Americans) are anxious about Trump’s temperament as president- even if it’s on a subconscious level. But that’s the beauty of music: it can take a hot topic and make it accessible to everyone. Most people aren’t ready to talk about this yet: but they might be ready to listen to a familiar song about it, and that’s a good start.

“Tomorrow’s News” really defined the theme of the project: Fear. Every song I have written, especially this one, deals with the concerns I have about the world I live in. I can only imagine that others share those same fears. So, I decided to not be fancy and just call it what it was. The EP title is A Fear Of: with every track focusing on something that worries me. A fear of Tomorrows News, A Fear of Undertow, A Fear of Poison. After having finished these songs- particularly “Tomorrow’s News”- I feel a little less fear, and I hope they will spread that same validating sensation that I have felt while creating them.”

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