Caelo find the silver linings in post-production

Uplifting and energetic rock, this song features crash rides and heavy riffage that is pure authentic rock with a commercial polish.  This song would be a perfect fit in the background of an extreme sports video game.  The guitar riff starts out as a clean funky kind of a riff with a 16th note strumming flare that makes into a solid wall of distortion.  The bass part is wandering around registers during the verse and then creates the solid wall.  The songwriting becomes complex but tasteful as the dynamics adjust rapidly and the chords fall into modal interchange to create an uplifting and victorious sounding composition.  This gives way into a heavy af breakdown, a real beat down riff only made more epic with the addition of an organ to the standard rock instrumentation.  This song is for any rock listener who wants an artistic and slightly risky production with a commercial polish.

“Hello, we are Caelo 🙂

We’re an alt-rock trio from South Africa. Alternative Rock is where we aim to innovate, and ultimately reinvigorate the musical styles that gave us purpose as musicians, individuals and as a group.

We’re currently on a hiatus from the live stage. Joel, our guitarist and vocalist, is recovering from injuries he suffered due to a serious motorcycle accident. This has given us the opportunity to focus more closely on the post production of some new music that we finished recording just days before his accident, so all is well in camp-Caelo.

Mike and Mat make up the powerhouse of the rhythm section in our band. They’re an incredibly powerful musical pairing. Each member in our band sings, so three part harmonies are something we have fun with. Music, for us, is a means of self-actualising. Song-writing is not just an expressive exercise, but a way of engaging, of asking tough questions.

We released our debut body of work in September 2017. It’s a consolidation of our early months of hard work. In May this year we put out b-sides from the recording sessions of that time. This is just the beginning for us, and we’ve had the the privilege of getting some encouraging reviews from music industry aficionados on our music and live performances.

“Their performance instantly outstrips expectation…” – Texx and the City

“Caelo’s style is what music needs right now…” – Keep Walking Music

“Take a listen to the future of rock music…” – York Calling”



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