dealing with Xenophobia is Norðirs “No Hell No”

Between sampled drums and catchy guitar riffs this Siberian artist who now resides in Germany Norðirs music carries cultural significance having been influenced by so many pieces of the globe.  This song speaks directly to xenophobia, if you are unfamiliar with the term here is the definition; intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries.  Sounds familiar right?  Given the current political climate in my own country (United States) I felt this song and its message was too appropriate to not share.

“The eccentric artist Norðir, who grew up in Siberia, is completely devoted to the contradictions of life.

In English, German and Russian, he reflects on paradoxical topics from different perspectives and encourages reflection.

So his trilingual music is a balancing act of irresistible pop sophistication and dreamy electronic-psychedelic landscapes.

He has already shared the stage with artists such as iLiketrains, Get Well Soon, Kilez More, Zoot Woman and Sun Pilots solo and with his live band “Rigna Folk”, and is a prizewinner of the German Rock and Pop Award.”

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