Max Parker “Out Of The Blue”

A whispy whimsical voice singing about relationships with an acoustic guitar is a recipe for success, add a quick chance for the listener to breath right before a chorus that contains backing vocal “woah-oh-oh” and you’ve got yourself an excellent pop-rock song.  I am partial to songs with 3-5 sharps in the key signature, they just strike a more emotional chord with me.  Though only 16 years old you wouldn’t know it by the accomplishments of Max Parker.  Definitely a songwriter and performer to keep your eyes and ears on.


“Toronto indie pop artist Max Parker may be emerging onto the scene full tilt but, unlike his newest video “Out of the Blue”, the singer songwriter’s talent has long been fostered to set this stage.

Dubbed this year by CBC as “mature, polished pop music,” Parker was hand picked as a finalist in CBC’s 2018 Searchlight songwriting competition, and earned a coveted, competitive spot on the nation’s Top 12 Standout Artist list.

One listen confirms: this is no surprise. It’s that referenced maturity and professional polish that has Toronto-based indie popster turning heads and perking ears.

He may only be 16-years old, but Parker’s songwriting offers an insight and depth not often seen among his counterparts. “There have been many obstacles I’ve had to deal with, even so far in life, including my Dad having been very ill and near death. As a teenager, trying to figure out life in general is hard, but then to have these ‘bombs’ drop unexpectedly… It isn’t just about me, anymore, but what happens to everyone in life in many different ways.”

Surmounting each hurdle with poise and positivity, Parker chose to translate hardship into harmony, deftly entering John Mayer, Alessia Cara, or Shawn Mendes territory.

“These experiences helped me dig deep when writing songs, and that’s the plain truth,” he asserts. “For example, Alessia Cara’s messaging in her lyrics and her ability to go really deep with her experiences in songs, and not be afraid to share at that level… I admire that. I hope my music can be a voice for others because I really think we are all more the same than different in our life experiences, but that we need to understand each other too, in a deeper sense.

“I think the art of music is one way to break through that understanding.”

No greater example for this than Max Parker’s debut single, “Out of the Blue” — available now!”

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