“Crucifix” is indie pop done right

*not a religious song*

Not much more to say about this song other than that it is super catchy.  It is indie pop done right.  It takes artistic risks while also staying inside a digestible format.  I have no doubt this group could go on to do great things.  The video shot and directed by Dave Bunting at King Killer Studios is just as fun as the song with a bunch of different cutouts of the duo singing and dancing to “Crucifix”.  “Hanging out alone” as a chorus lyric makes so much sense, I am currently hanging out alone listening to “Crucifix” on my headphones and so you should be too.

Below is more information about the artist

“The Dream Eaters blend the ethereal vocals of Jake Zavracky and Elizabeth LeBaron in interwining streams of haunting melodies.

The duo released several singles and EPs under the name “Jake and Elizabeth”, changing it to The Dream Eaters before the release of their debut EP “Five Little Pills”. A bare-bones production that they self-recorded and released, it was a precursor to the sound that was further realized on their full-length debut album, We Are A Curse, released in 2017. On October 9th, 2018, the duo will release their second full length album “Pagan Love” which features a poppier, hook-ier, version of the sound they established on their debut.

Praise for “We Are A Curse”: “The vocals of Jake Zavracky and Elizabeth LeBaron interweave with such perfection it is as if they emanate from the same body” (Overblown, UK). ““Dead On The Inside” might be the most stunning and gorgeous protest song you will ever hear.” (The Revue, Canada). “There is an unshakable sorrow adorning their vocals, but they remain luscious and sticky. Tightly knit harmonies characterize nearly every track–allowing them to utterly inhabit a ghostly world of varied human sentiments and encounters.” (PopDust). ““Neanderthals” is an impressive project from a quickly rising duo with heaps of potential.” (Obscure Sound)”

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