“Divide” The Dekkoes

This band is a fun bouncy sound and the song “Divide” features a cool descending chord progression which I think is B- A E.  The song features modal interchange and great backing vocals which should hook any person into this Brit-Pop-Rock style.  The backing vocals on the chorus might’ve been what did it for me in terms of hooking to this tune.  Not that the rest of the instrumentation and production isn’t awesome.  The band could be comparable to a combination of Oasis and The Foxboro Hot Tubs with more Foxboro than Oasis for sure.  This song is a well written verse-chorus verse-chorus tune with an instrumental bridge that showcases each member of the acts talents.  Overall I just enjoy music like this better than I enjoy other music.  Attached below is the artist biography.

““Do you fancy starting a band?” “No, not really” This was the first of a series of positive conversations that led to the eventual birth of The Dekkoes. Successful civil servant, Steve Bailey and slightly less successful civil servant, Ben Shoben began playing in Steve’s living room in Beckenham. They soon found that their guitars gelled well together and there was something appealing about the sound. Melodic jangly pop/rock influenced by Steve and Ben’s favourites like The Smiths, Blur, Suede and The Cure.

The band began rehearsing in Deptford and later in Bromley, Kent with various line ups. In 2017, the first EP ‘Divide’ was released. The songs have received college radio airplay in the US and Canada. The song ‘Divide’ notably made it on to the ‘Top 25 Listening Post’ of Tom Robinson’s ‘Fresh on the Net’ and featured on the ‘Best of British Unsigned’ Radio Show.”

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