“Empire State Of Sound”

I’ve been thinking about moving to NYC from Los Angeles and this song might be the motivation I need.  This is a heavy rock tune that has an uplifting major chorus with great production.  The songs instrumentation and tone is inspired by 80s rock legends and the guitar work is exceptional as well as the timbre of CAMU is freaking epic.  CAMU has a freaking epic voice.  The vocalist CAMU is so freaking epic.  Should I say it again?  I might before the end.  This is a song you want to start your day with.  “Empire State Of Sound” is a song that makes you feel like shouting from the rooftops.  High energy and uplifting lyrics fuel this NYC based production.  Below is the artist talking about this song as well as links and accolades provided by the publicist.

“I wrote & recorded the first version of Empire State of Sound while I was living in East Village New York after NAKED had broken up after our second US tour. The song is not only a celebration of the good times I’ve had in New York, but a shout out, to the energy, motivation & answers those city streets gave me during dark, unforgettable & trying times. So much can happen in a New York minute, so to say. For me, New York will forever hold a very special place in my heart. It is where I found myself, the love of my life & some of the best friends & experiences that I will cherish forever, not to mention I’ve recorded a LOT of music there & it is the first place I was able to explore & express different sides of my music style. Empire State Of Sound is a window to my NYC experience & my very own NYC anthem. My ode to NYC. 

Fast forward to a few months ago, I suddenly started rearranging the song in Hawaii, out of the blue I sent it to the guys in my old band NAKED, because life is too short and I felt it was time to share my music again. The final version of the song was actually recorded by us in 4 different countries simultaneously. Voila. Empire State Of Sound.

With the video, I wanted to create something personal & authentic, rather than your generic video of a bunch dudes playing on top of a building… I lived in NYC & I walked those streets every single day for years, so I know it. I know the street hustlers, the deli owners, the restaurant workers, bartenders etc, & they all know me! There’s even a shot in the video of a street hustler I used to give money too everyday, it wasn’t planned & it was epic! The video was purposely shot with a bunch of cuts to really emphasize the fast & ever changing pace of the city. Everything in the video is of my hood & old stomping grounds, plus a few quintessential NYC spots in the area. I actually directed the video & a my friend of mine, Kevin Vonesper filmed it for me. I had two other photographers lined up to actually meet me in NYC and shoot the video originally but they both fell through on the same day haha. Kevin and I did some NYC hustling and did the whole thing in 2 hours & I added in a couple extra takes then edited the whole thing together on my laptop in Hawaii. It was really awesome to see the whole thing come together, it was the first video I directed & edited.”


* 4 world tours

* Opened up for the Killers

* Sold out shows in 9 countries

* First record deal at 16 years old

* 6 Top 10 singles in Scandinavia

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