Holly Hyatt “River Flows”


Modern soulful earthy tones course through this nature and spiritual themed song.  A song intended to be about a circular motion and alluding to home possibly not having a set location even though the river is taking the singer home.  Perhaps the river is the home and the feeling of heading somewhere is what Holly Hyatt needs to feel at home.  Either way her voice is pure and strong but also carries a certain gentleness to it that allows for the listener to be relaxed while also feeling a sense of urgency.

This is Canadian Holly Hyatts sophomore release to her 2016 Shufflin Blues which can be found on streaming services.

“Holly takes us gracefully shuffling home in Slushy Blues, leaving you wishing there would have been time for about 10 more songs. This is the magic of the blues—you walk out half on air. “

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