Porterfield, left of center for people who like more out of their art. NOMINATED FOR BOSTON MUSIC AWARDS, LINK TO VOTE!

When I first heard this I thought the production was a studio performance.  Wow.  The range on the singer and the execution of the band is just fun.  Sounds like an alley cat late night strolling in NYC, or at least what I’d imagine it to be.  Very artistic and strays from what you think it will be.  If you’re looking for left of center this might be for you.  If Bill Evans was born in a modern day an lived in Boston, MA.  If you live in Boston, MA you know there is no lack of great and artistic music coming out of that city.  Having gone to college in Boston studying music it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear a number of influences in this artists music as well as the incorporation of instruments not found in most bands.



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