Silent Disco Sex “Subliminal Rhymes” dark and interesting

This song is artistically risque, and I love it.  With a combination of an overtly sexual video, awesome costume and make up, and most importantly the actual song itself has a sense of epic urgency.  A seductress sounding mid EQ’d female vocal constantly repeats how you’re running out of time.  This song is dark but how dark is what makes it fun.  Tensions and ominous background synths over a wobbling slightly distorted electric bass.  The dynamics change characteristically, when the busy drum groove stop and the vocals say “you’re running out of time” it is the perfect amount louder than it was.  This song is dark twisted and sexy and you will enjoy it immensely, in my opinion.

“Electronic roots with a dark cinematic vibe, this emerging duo “Silent Disco Sex” has the apparent influence of previous groundbreaking acts such as Portishead,Lovage and Nine Inch Nails. Expressing the soundtrack of their lives through this haphazardly collaboration, their project of sight and sound brings back a nostalgic look at the past with an elusive view of the future…”

“Do You Like Smoke Bombs, Post-Apocalyptic Surroundings, Evading The Law and Quentin Tarantino Style Suspense That’s Sure To Keep Your Brain In A State Of Chaotic Bliss? This Should Supply Your Fix…FOR NOW.”

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