WHALE CITY “Echo Of Joy” new music video is too good, favorite lyric is “love is not a silent sound”

How cool are these fx???  This band is awesome, between good dynamic ranges for the verse and chorus, a kick ass music video, and pop sensibility within the songwriting that is both as inspiring as it is epic.  It creates a sense of intimacy when the song ends and the instrumentals fade to just piano and voice which is a big jump from the pulsing drums, bass, and guitar and just as suddenly as the song was there it is gone.  The vocal production is awesome and the backing vocals add a nice effect, specifically the high pitched “ohs” around 1:30 that have a panning trick, tremolo, and distortion on them.  This song is sure to catch a few hearts, it is well done and epic and worth your listen.


Creating beautiful and emotional moments is WHALE CITY’s biggest goal when writing music and performing live. Spherical guitar sounds, pulsating bass lines, driving drum beats combined with analog and futuristic synth form the organic foundation of their energetic alternative pop sound.”

and on the topic of this piece

Echo of Joy …

…is a homage to life with all of its highs and lows.

We all have our cross to bear and we usually are blind to the stuff others are carrying around with them.


We all need love and we need to fight when times are tough!

“Love is not a silent sound” means that the voice of love is loud and clear – it is so powerful that it can change everything!

It is through love and the people and things we love where we get our “feet back on the ground”. Go for it, don’t fear change, and do it out loud (not in silence)!


Especially when we accept those lows and we really go for it to change our situation, somebody will be there waiting for you saying: ” just fly away with me”!


And when you’ve made it through your “stormy night” try to help someone else in need of getting back on their feet and do it out in the open – not in silence.


‘Cause maybe in the end they will say:

“Love is not a silent sound”

and “I just need you” …”

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