Children tunes with a clever rock spin with Young Rising Sons

This song has a memorable hook, in fact you’ve probably heard this hook before.  However the Young Rising Sons give “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”.  Featuring a fairly standard indie rock instrumentation and with even the vocal timbre sounding reminiscent of acts such as Fun, Young Rising Sons captures a brilliant stroke of genius in the way they reinvent a classic children song into a fun memorable rock production.  Definitely check this out or bump this on your way out next weekend.

Press Notes:

“When you’re sad or depressed, often the last thing you want or need is for someone to tell you to just cheer up.  It’s not always that easy, and sometimes you need to feel something. As a society we’ve gotten better about having an open dialogue about mental health, but it’s still stigmatized.

It’s okay to be human and feel feelings. It’s okay to have bad days or bad months, and sometimes those days are not simple or easily fixed. We can’t always snap our fingers & tell ourselves that we aren’t going to let negativity & anxiety & sadness own us.

SAD walks that line between self-awareness & sarcasm, but, we can’t always just ‘shut up and be happy.’


Listening link for SAD:


Andy & Young Rising Sons”

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