“My, My, My” takes on deeper existential challenges

Ritzy Park recently released and epic half time grunge jam entitled “My, My, My”.  The song features a catchy and a melt your face guitar solo.  This song gives acts like Wolf Alice a run for their money.  The song features deeper and more questioning lyrics then you’ll find on top 40 radio where people are more concerned with maintaining market share while this song “My, My, My” takes a more honest approach to songwriting.  How can anyone see a future when their faith is in money, an intangible form of worth, a system of I.O.U.s?  “My, My, My” takes on deeper existential challenges that humanity tends to put on the back burner when faced with day to day issues, Ritzy Park reminds us of the important things in life.

“Ritzy Park is an alt-rock band based in Berlin, that went from jamming at a party to enthralling their surroundings with their contagious energy on stage. Their sound is like a blast from the past making its way to the future. Their repertoire varies from passionate, melancholic ballads to forceful, up-beat rock’n’roll anthems. The deep, resonating voices will take the listener on a musical journey right to the heart of the 70s and 90s rock. Ritzy Park’s engaging live shows are guaranteed to set their audience’s spirits free and they are never short of a surprise or two.

Ritzy Park‘s sound is an explosive, fresh, passionate mixture of grunge, folk and 70s hippie! It is a pleasure for us to have them in our program”

– Balcony Tv Berlin

”Ritzy Park produce some unstoppable beats with fervor and force that create seamless sounds, incredibly constructed songs and create a vibe that dabbles in both rough, head-banging rock to more subtle tunes that enliven the audience”

– Laura McLain Smith

Vocals/Second Guitar/Songwriter: Karolina Beijer Brondén (22, Sweden)

Vocals/Keys/Songwriter: Elias Olivera Graversen (20, Denmark)

Guitar/Backing Vocals: Tristan Banks (21, England)

Drums/Backing Vocals: Ylva Øyen Brandtsegg (23, Norway)

Bass: Per Tore Løberg Monstad (23, Norway)”

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