All Things Blue “Bite”

Definitely an anti-trump but it doesn’t have to be to a more casual listener.  This is something I like about this song, it is casually pushing a positive message without being outright political punk.  Digestible synths and trippy lo-fi hip hop influence make this production a fun listen for anyone.  The skipping vinyl or the filtered background vocals are personal favorites of mine that are only a small sample of the colorful pallet of sounds exploited by All Things Blue in “Bite”.

“I wrote the song “Bite” on January 21st, the day after Donald Trump was sworn in as president and the day the women’s marches occurred. Seeing and being with all the people who came together that day with a common purpose was something I had never experienced before. It made me feel hopeful in a time that had felt uncertain. I was inspired that women of all walks of life, all social and economic backgrounds, cultures and ages who are often pitted against each other by society and sometimes even just by each other, came together to make their voices heard, peacefully, loud and clear. It was unprecedented. I felt more proud to be a woman at that moment then I had in any other point in my life thus far. One woman with drive and passion is powerful, when we all work together we are unstoppable. I’m excited to be a part of these changing times.”

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