Big Lonely “Ticket” is infectious and fun

Clever wordplay and driving rhythms create a positive uplifting rock production for Big Lonelys “Ticket”.  Thrashing drums and easy to relate to lyrical content.  Big Lonely is from Canada and is currently working on a full length out October 12th.  If all the songs on the full length are as infectious as ticket it will be well worth a listen.  The video doesn’t take itself too seriously either featuring an awesome relationship between a human and a scarecrow who wears a big smile.  Comparable to acts such as Into It / Over It or Motion City Soundtrack or Real Sports Boys.

Watch the video for ‘Ticket’ here:

Or on SoundCloud:

“Big Lonely’s Bad Magic was conjured up in the dark corners of a pessimistic cavern, where optimistic light leaks through tiny cracks. A journey through the cavern in search of a crack large enough to squeeze through and bathe in the full light of positivity. Every step is uncertain, yet hopeful. And while that large crack is never fully discovered – your eyes adjust to the darkness enough for you to see clearly. Light and dark in tandem.”

 “Ticket,” the first single to be shared from the record, is about using someone’s belief in you as the fuel to do the things that you wouldn’t have the courage to do otherwise. Eventually that fuel runs out – while it’s helped you get to where you are, you now believe in yourself enough to go a little further. There are stops along the way if you run out of gas.

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