Gothic rock, Gauntlet x POMPOM “Pain”


Pulsing, static, dark, and ethereal are all words that could be used to describe the aesthetic of this dark wave song by Gauntlet x POMPOM.  Featuring characters that wander through the seaside, mist, and fire these colorful characters wearing clothing that deviates from societal norms and creates a sense of wonder.  “Pain” owes nothing to convention and is presented in a way that is both stunning and pleasing to the eye.  Below are attached notes from the artist as to how they’re able to create such wondrous art that pays no mind to mainstream trends.

Press notes:

“With heavy references to the Celtic occult and a fascination with video games, the one-woman DIY audiovisual producer weaves ethereal melodies into surreal dark wave visions. Bagley writes, records, and directs her own audiovisual universe in this chaotic grand vision of both dungeon crawling depths and shimmering delicate peaks, which mirrors the two enigmatic characters she performs.

Bagley’s two alter egos, Gauntlet & Pompom, are an exploration of self-perception and what our world prefers us to be. On ‘Pain’, Bagley states: “We have sides to us that could be stereotyped as both ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’. I’m exploring all of myself, and what I could become. This single, ‘Pain’, is about listening to your inner voice. The more I’ve begun listening to that inner voice the less I’ve cared what people think – I can truly express myself in whatever form I like.”

‘Pain’ can be loaded on Soundcloud / Spotify and is included in the forthcoming album Esper.”

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