No Name Blues – “Whats Your Name” good times club rock


Starting off with an artistic static clock hanging on the wall the band is introduced during the instrumental intro where the band hangs out on mostly a B power chord.  A lot of the harmony hangs out around that chord and features a lot of chromatic motion around chords featuring the one and five.  After the first chorus the bass playing does a funky mostly pentatonic rippage.  The timbre of the vocals hits me in a similar way as the artist Eve 6.  At the essence of this tune is club rock and roll.  All the members of the band are proficient in their craft and are able to present it in a way that is both pleasing to fellow musicians and the casual listener.  I love the way the vocalist sometimes forsakes melody in turn for conversational performance which gives an artistic integrity to a song that is about going out and meeting people.  Check out both the music video and Spotify links attached in this blog post.

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