The Astronots showing tons of potential with their new track “How Much Pain”

Gritty guitars, youthful angst, and open hi-hats create a fun SoCal warm rock sound that is no small accomplishment for a bunch of people who have been friends since 15 year old rockers The Astronots.  A mature voice comes from a the spry frontman of The Astronots.  The music video follows our protagonist out of his home and into a truck he drives to a roller rink where he performs to an empty bar room, plays shooter games, and hangs out on the roller rink going in melancholic circles.  The rock production though fairly simple harmonically in the key of E and the main driving riff being E B A features plenty of bells and whistles and hooks to keep any listener entertained.  We at Its Not Records are excited to see what is next from the young group, definitely tons of potential, like a lot of potential.

“At fifteen years old in sunny Southern California, Allee Fütterer, Niko Giaimo and Eddie Campbell could be found anywhere from moshing at shows, learning to spit licks in drop C (and sometimes B), all the way to local jazz festivals while learning to shred be-bop scales. Their mutual love for Rock and fucking Roll fused their vastly different personal and musical upbringings into the California sound that is The Astronots. Though they exist in the age of the laptop producer, this rock band aims to make music the old fashioned way: going to the studio and making cool ass sounds – not looking for perfection, but instead honest and unapologetic rock and roll.

The Astronots recorded their latest self titled album in April 2018 at the legendary Prairie Sun Recording studio in Cotati, CA with engineers Phil Joly and Ryan Gilligan – both formerly of Electric Lady Studios in New York, NY. The group left the farms of Cotati after a week of recording believing to have found what they were looking for: a California sound.”

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