Alyssa Frost reminds us to breathe, enjoy life, and love

Alyssa Frost has a sweet voice that conjures nostalgia for a more innocent time.  Drawing inspiration from love and relationships her soft authentic sounding instrumentation creates visuals in my mind of leafs changing colors, pumpkin patches, and lakes within mountains.  Her new self titled EP features sentimental songs that are perfect for a lazy Sunday in the country while you’re out for a drive taking in the wonders of the world.  For me her music is an escape from the fast paced life in Los Angeles and a reminder to breath and enjoy life.

“Alyssa Frost is a singer/songwriter based in Denver, Colorado. Although Alyssa draws strongly from folk writing she grew up listening to, from artists like John Denver and Bob Dylan, she also has a fascination for telling familiar stories in new ways, finding inspiration from artists like Benjamin Gibbard and Kacey Musgraves. Alyssa focuses on transporting the listener into her stories, while filling her tracks with indie-pop and modern Americana elements.”

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