Preach David Arn!

Preach David Arn!  This status quo protest song needs to be heard and understood.  After many years of being an artist and watching the world unfold in front of him David Arn has wisdom to share with the masses in his song “NOT AMUSED”.  On top of that the slide guitar playing is nothing less than a virtuoso performance.  Full of energy the backing band carries the message of lyrical depth in a pleasing way that sounds as American as Apple Pie while pointing out some of the shortcomings of this great nation through a visual compilation.  Attached below is a short artist biography on David Arn.

“David Arn is a U.S. singer, songwriter and musician best known for his lyrical style. He currently has two albums entitled, “Postmodern Days” and “Walking to Dreamland”. Among myriad outlets Arn’s music has been featured on US FM and college stations as well as NPR stations, the BBC, and heard on Delta Airlines commercial flights. A new cd,”Recalculating, Recalculating” is forthcoming.”

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