Capital Sons – “Fugitive”

Starting with an electric guitar through a filter and quickly blossoming into a full band rock production.  The chords on “Fugitive” by Capital Sons feature lots of suspended chords which gives the allusion of flight within the harmony.  Sixteenth note hi-hat grooves and a slippery bass line fuel the rhythm section of Capital Sons backing the 90s reminiscent lead vocals that soar with the chords.  The performance by the entire group is nothing short of phenomenal, my only qualm is I thought the master recording could be thicker, still definitely worth your time listening to.  The video is a compilation of both live and studio shots that showcase the band and create a personable relationship between the viewer and Capital Sons.  Finally the lyrical content of “Fugitive” fits well with existentialism of their upcoming album entitled “Rose Colored World”.  Attached below is both a biography and description of their live shows.

“Capital Sons is a heart-on-your-sleeve rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. No fluff, no gimmicks; we get up on stage and play our songs… it’s that simple.

Seamlessly blending musical influences and a pop-rock nature into a high energy, unique and lyrically poignant mix, Capital Sons has a sound that is fresh, yet recognizable.

Led by Karl Obermeyer, Capital Sons brings undeniable melodies and heartfelt lyrics to audiences, all anchored by a rock steady rhythm section. The band members — Obermeyer on vocals and guitar, John Tetrault on bass and vocals, Rick Paukert on guitar, and Mike Jueneman on drums — have earned a reputation as an original and expressive band making a mark on the Twin Cities and beyond.

With the release of the critically acclaimed self-titled EP (2005), Capital Sons has had generous airplay on FM 89.3 The Current. Word of mouth has spread and the band’s live performances routinely draw loyal fans into venues throughout the Twin Cities.

Capital Sons’ debut album offered creative pop-rock harmonies with a classic feel. The sophomore release Dirty Neon (2009) featured more heartfelt lyrics and intriguing song arrangements. “Our music is heart-on-your-sleeve rock and roll,” says Obermeyer, “no fluff, no gimmicks, we get up on stage and play our songs. We play the music that comes naturally to us… it’s that simple.”

The band’s third release, Swim the High Tide (2013), incorporated complex harmonies, Hammond organ, piano, ukulele and even sitar to round out a solid collection of songs.

Capital Sons is proud to announce the release of a fourth album, Rose-Colored World (2018). On this longest and most ambitious release to date, the band showcases a more raw, guitar-driven side, meaningful songwriting, and melodic harmonies.”

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