Ian Wayne “Revelation”, inspiring uplifting singer-songwriter rock

“Revelation” starts with a quick paced tom groove with a combination of a strummed and picked guitar that are both set to a clean tone that blend together well.  The songs form builds lightly throughout the production while Ian Wayne croons softly.  Around the halfway point in “Revelation” the song really picks up with a guitar solo while the groups dynamic builds into a thrashing rock band, and just as quickly as the crash ride hits they drop back down to the tom groove while the solo continues.  Combining blues and folk with a rock and roll production creates an organic feeling track that really sounds like the singer Ian Wayne is on the brink of an epiphany.  “Revelation” is just a tease for the upcoming full length A Place Where Nothing Matters.  Below is attached biography and more information from Ian Wayne and his publicist Caitlin about Revelation and his for the full length.

“Ian Wayne is a singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York, and he is ready to announce himself in earnest.

His forthcoming new LP A Place Where Nothing Matters is a beautiful, strange, and ambitious album that puts Wayne’s playful songwriting out in front of a well-oiled rock band. His songs are stark, intimate, and prose-poetic, with taut arrangements that funnel Wayne’s speech-like monologues into instantly appealing rock song-forms, building gentle maelstroms around his terse, often haunting vocal melodies.

The album’s lead single, “Revelation,” plays on the disparity between goofiness and sadness and the banality of dealing with conflict. In the clip, premiering today at PopMatters, we observe as Wayne and his alter persona (“The Man Who Meets His Sorry End”) contemplate inner turmoil over unrequited love; “I wanted the video to reflect the tone of the song, which for me is about the immediacy and horrible nature of people you know and love hurting each other, and situating that confusion with your own.”

Wayne references David Byrne and Harry Dean Stanton as inspiration for his character in the video, who wanders around town in a suit that’s a few sizes too big. “The reference is [Byrne and Stanton], but also all the unnamed weird men in suits across America whose problems seem to be stuffed in their jacket pockets. I hope it’s funny, or at least fun to watch.”

A Place Where Nothing Matters will be released on November 16.”

For media inquiries, please contact Caitlin Pasko at caitlin@drunkenpiano.com.

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