I’m in love with “Moon Moon Baby” and you should be too.

Check out HOAX “Moon Moon Baby”.  This fun track features a vocal timbre reminiscent of acts like Kings of Leon but more jazzy guitar work.  The song features a chorus that will be singing inside your head for hours after you’ve checked this track out.  To this listener it reminds me of nights spend with good friends in a hot tub underneath a country moon with an iPod hooked up to a floating speaker and this song comes on and everything just feels right.  This is an indie rock jammer that is so close to pop the lines are blurred and genres don’t really matter.  I’m in love with “Moon Moon Baby” and you should be too.

HOAX experiments with elements of pop, R&B, and hip-hop and layer those influences under their alternative and indie-soul roots. The band’s sound is as eclectic as its members with a mix of Indian, Puerto Rican, Haitian, Ecuadorian, Irish, and Italian blood all in one group. The hyper-diverse band has also become noticed for their trendy and fashionable styletenacious DIY mentality, and their strong sensibility for humanity. The band’s approach in songwriting perpetually explores intricate yet convoluted themes from empathy to racism in America to the afterlife and seeks to promote meaning through their music.”

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