Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks, Halloween spectacular!

I’m a sucker for well produced psychedelic horror garage music and this month of Halloween release from Rude Dude and the Creek Freeks is no exception.  Combining elements of funk, rock and roll, jazz, and blues this production comes together to make a groovy ensemble called “Lost My Head”.  One thing I can really appreciate about the production is how authentic and organic all the instruments sound, the Rude Dudes don’t sound like they used too much quantization or Pro Tools’d the crap out of the mix.  The panning is reminiscent of an early time in music when the players truly had to be able to the instruments they were recording, this song would fit on an album by the Who or Steppenwolf.  When I was traveling Spain there was one bar in Valencia that served absinthe and you could smoke cigarettes inside as long as the cops weren’t driving by and they would play music videos and spin vinyl all night, this song would definitely work in rotation.  Below is a quick bio from their PR!

“Savannah quintet, Rude Dude and the Creek Freaks, is a collaboration of best friends creating garage rock with a healthy dose of psychedelia. Originally formed as a three-piece in the summer of 2016, the band picked up momentum fast, playing numerous shows throughout town. Rude Dude released their debut album, ACID BATH, in July of 2017 and toured the album the following month. Shortly after their return, the band added another guitar and keyboard player, truly rounding out the sound of the Creek Freaks. After recording their self titled sophomore album in February 2018 in Athens, GA, they’ve been bringing new sights and sounds for all states of consciousness ever since.”

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