blurring lines “Numb” by Dawson Carroll is a heartfelt song about dealing with mental health

Dawson Carroll blends lines with his new song “Numb”.  The moody timbre of the vocals mixed with a down tempo programmed drums and washed out layered guitar track with pad synths creates a melancholic sound that captures the essence of feeling lost.  The song is both well produced and well written and the choice to use black and white accentuates the message behind “Numb’.  See attached artist biography below for more detail.

“Growing up in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas Dawson played in a hardcore band. He wrote and recorded most of the songs that the band played. This was a pivotal moment as he looks back on this as one of the main things that fueled his drive to pursue a career in music. After the band parted he dove into a different side of music by listening to Bob Dylan and other folk/singer-songwriter artists. After graduating high school Dawson moved to Austin, Texas to pursue music and begin school at a local community college. He released a full album that was self-recorded in 2015 titled “Singin’ For Gold” raising over $2500 on Kickstarter to fund it. Dawson applied and was accepted to Berklee College Of Music in 2017 and was a student for only a semester before dropping out to pursue music full-time.”

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