honest story tellers The Six Sevens “fomo”

With clever lyrics and a true story tellers perspective that is comparable to acts like The Front Bottoms is “fomo’ by The Six Sevens.  What really sold me on “fomo” was the guitar turnaround from the chorus into the verse after my ears were initially perked up by the lyrics that were not only exciting but felt authentic and honest.  If you want to be hooked and enjoy bands like Joyce Manor and a more indie approach to pop-punk then this is for you.  Check out the lyrics attached below!

“i took a drive across the country
to buy a beer in every city, and to slowly watch my bank account run out
but i could use a little time to be by myself
its the flat tire in texas
its the tacos we had for breakfast
its mother nature saying “you can’t go south boys”
its the boat ride out in kansas
its not knowing what the plan is
its everything will be fine once we find the bar
and i pray to god its not too far
i lost my favorite hat in new mexico and i wish that you’d get off your phone
its the back of a truck in flagstaff
its the “please can i have my shorts back”
its the couch in every house that i’ve come to love
or its the deer that broke the headlight
its the 2 lane road we drove that night
its the flowers that we bought 5 mins before
or its the smell from the cooler we cant ignore
i lost my favorite hat in new mexico and i wish that you’d get off your phone
its the beer flight in chicago
its the night that we walked for miles after B got kicked out of the kitchen
or its the 15 dollar toll or the loss of self control
everyone has something to be proud of
its the hot sauce in the back and a baseball glove
its the broken backpack strap that ill get in union square
its the chicken wings in baltimore, its the hot and muggy air
its the sugar in my coffee, or its the blank and broken stares
its the time it takes from here to there
i lost my favorite hat in new mexico
but i like the in betweens
i like the thought of letting go
and i love the sound of silence that i found here on the road
and i still wish you’d get off your god damn phone”

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