“Someone Else’s Dreams” by Samuel Herb really clicks with me

OH GOD I RELATE SO MUCH WITH THIS SONG! I wish I had the gusto to do what the author of this song did.

“I wrote this song and then quit my job the next day. It is a song about the everyday struggles of going to work and I think a lot of people will dig it! Also, BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR THAT TRUMPET SOLO. This is the second single for my debut EP and it is already charting in the Top 10 on itunes.”

I’m working a couple jobs all in the music industry in royalties, metadata for sync licensing, and I scrape a McDonalds cheeseburger off this blog and the whole time I feel like I’m working for someone else’s dreams which is literally a line in this song.  This song has the swagger that comes with that swing rhythm and the full production of with horn lines, organ, kit, piano, and a vocal performance that is full bodied and strong makes “Someone Else’s Dreams” by Samuel Herb really click with me.  Check it out below!

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